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SoJung Park

Title: Enlighten Sensorship

Year: 2013

Materials: Screen-printed, charcoal drawing, acrylic on a drawing papers on wood panels

Dimension: 30 x 68 in of each panel

Description:First of all, I intend to depict neutral of human beings in term of gender and race in order not to specify sexual identities and to question the limit of censoring human’s sexual orientations. Also I wanted to bring up a question towards the public media about the ways of censoring body parts, and how it makes more sexual then just purely shows our bodies. Then, to question about what makes body mosaic gaze sexual to the people, is it about different personal interest or are we persuaded by over exposing the images from the public media.

Title: Seven Deadly Sins

Year: 2012

Materials: Painting, Drawing on canvas

Dimension: 20 x 16 in

Description: To depict the seven ready sins as a playful and gestural approaches, each figure represents as a sin but then the choice of color is primary and contradict the fundamental meaning of sins.