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So Jung Park

Artist, So Jung Park...

Everything ebbs and flows of time and space, as if a wave on the surface of the ocean renders the physical sensation of a rhythm. Articulating a work of art, is through frictions between critical thinking skills and experience relationships with space, objects and others, which resemble as the projector floods lights through the filters to the filters. 

The constant movement of waves are transmitting during the mutual interaction in between two objectives, which differentiate as forms or shapes in the world. The purpose of creating artworks is to understand the body’s perceptions during mutual interactions with the space, and a body of work. To further express with current installation,’Pacifique Interval’, how people identify the experience of the ripples on Mylar papers on to the painting is a reflective phenomenon as an illusion to create a concept of wave into our process of perception.

Through diverse studio-based experiements with projector, other materials, reflections, shadows, this triggers me to focus on the ideas of heightening of sensory perception, how it enlarges the projected light’s scale and allows alternative visual forms using reflective interaction. Therefore, by using the light of projector, it conntects each material, which becomes a collective piece.