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SoJung Park

Title: Pacifique Interval (Installation)

Year: 2016

Materials: Acrylic on canvas, vinly taped drawing on transparent papers, projector with playing videos ( 10mins of two video on loops)

Dimensions:Canvas size 73.5 x 49.3 in transparent paper 68 x 40

Description:This work of art was created by using the light of projector, which the videos depicts waves from the Pacific ocean, and by the reflections of the mylar with systematic lines of drawings overlapping each other to compose subtle forms, colors, and movement as waves. The constant movement of waves are transmitting during the mutual interaction in between two objectives, which differentiate as forms or shapes in the world. This idea was influenced to create an art work that demonstrates related concepts in order for the audience to experience bodily perception.

Pacifique Interval video documentation:

Title: Metamorphosis (Installation)

Year: 2014

Materials: Latex molded masks, three video projectors, seven molding cases

Dimension: 10 x 6 in each mask 

Description: This artwork was created by reproducing one hundred masks with seven different expressions of the artist’s face that was molded with latex which was overlapped with video projections of scenes of social life that make up each layer of the masks. The work of art depicts artist’s face enlargement in order to compose time, environment, and everyday life experiences that develops the human-identity with diverse aspects of interactions. The masks were progressively brushed with liquid latex, dried with the heater, and layered up to 40 coatings to create intense and rich expressions.

Metamorphosis Installation video: