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SoJung Park

About So Jung Park

1991. Dec. 31 

Born in South Korea 

graduated California Insitute of the Arts as a B.F.A. 2016


lived and worked in Los Angeles until 2017.

Currently,  she lives and works as a mixed media artist and an art educator in South Korea. 

Artist statement

As an artist, my goal is to make work that carries an emotional impact. At times, that can be achieved with irony and detachment I believe.

I am also interested in why artwork functions as an interpretation of reality. Over the past few years, my work has shifted from realist representation to conceptual work that deconstructs reality and raises questions about alienation and oppression in this society. This idea was developed further with an investigation of the boundaries between truth and fiction. Such as time-based process piece engages the concept of becoming- how a subjectivity experiences itself through the mutual interactions with time, environment, and everyday life experience. My practice thus far has surrounded the realm of an external measure of space and time, which expands furthermore to multimedia installation work with live- concert performance. This allowed the audience to engage with space, music, and film as parts of a whole collective piece.

I believe the platform to be a crucial framing device for addressing the profoundness of a shared space of intimacy. The framework of experience constitutes varying opportunities to engage with artists on a global and local scale—a diversity of minds with subsequently, equally diverse creative processes—creating an environment in which I can unravel its structures, both physical and psychological, influencing the way I/my works move and navigate through space and time, rendering the physical, tangible sensations of a rhythm.